From the Carnegie Hall to refugee camps in the middle east, Brooklyn based Japanese violinist and composer, Megumi Saruhashi has delivered her music to people of all circumstances around the globe.

Megumi’s music is ignited by a wide range of influences, including arabic music, jazz, classical, tango, gospel, minimalism and many more and she has studied extensively for various traditions with the masters for jazz, western classical, argentinian tango and arabic music.

Focusing on the intersections and connections between music and the soul, Megumi uses her musical training to form new and unexpected alliances between musical genres. Believing herself to be a conduit that synthesizes the musical and spiritual realms, Megumi refers to herself as a “hollow bone.” She strives to draw out the consciousness of listeners and connect on a deeply spiritual level that cuts across cultural and sonic barriers.

Megumi is awarded a Brooklyn Arts funds from Brooklyn Arts Council in 2018 for Megumi & Friends where she shares her compositions in Brooklyn, in her tireless search for finding unity within diversity.